Britney Dolheguy
Britney Dolheguy / Sharon Richards

As the home of one of the largest muaythai communities in Australia, Queensland flaunts a multitude of fighters.

Indeed, in Queensland the fighters are presented with more opportunities to remain active. This is due to the vast amount of opponents available, and fight shows hosted in the state. Although we have previously emphasized, young female athletes as having limited opportunities throughout the nation.

Britney Dolheguy is one of the State’s up and coming junior female fighters. This year so far she has had 8 fights. Four of those bouts are international and four within Australia.

With a record of 13 wins and 5 losses she twice represented Australia internationally. In May she took part at the IFMA world championships in Sweden and in September the IFMA junior world championship in Thailand.

Dolheguy secured a silver medal at both tournaments. In Jonkoping she beat Nastassia Runets of Belarus and faced a defeat against Ines Pilutti of France. Similarly, in Bangkok she met Ekaterina Sokolova of Russia in the semi-final and local Apasara Koson in the gold medal bout.

“The experience was amazing and I definitely learned from the fights,” she says.

On October 29 Britney Dolheguy was victorious as she claimed a Junior championship of Queensland. She went toe to toe with Amanda Juniku.

Next for Dolheguy is the motherland “I’m planning on going to Thailand again hopefully at the end of the year,” she says.

Dedication is an attribute held by many aspiring athletes, specifically those who wish to achieve great things. Dolheguy dedicates most of her free time to the Art of Eight Limbs. While most young girls are occupied with other activities, she shares that she trains twice a day, six days a week.

“My friends always say that they don’t know how I train so often as they cannot see themselves doing it.”

Essentially, it all comes down to knowing what you want to achieve and what is required to triumph.