Dark Fights Kickboxing Series Take Over The World

French kickboxing promotion Dark Fights drafts numerous international events for 2017.

Dark Fights is a concept launched by Olivier Muller in March. He is a former world president of ISKA as well as a promoter of the celebrity Fight Night in Saint Tropez.

Originally the concept was a 4-show deal. The are events staged in the major cities throughout France. The debut event was in Lyon. The second show beautified the capital, Paris. The third gala was held in the city of rich and famous, St Tropez. The conclusive edition is held this weekend in Marseille.

The WKN world office made a release this morning advising that “in 2017 international kickboxing series “Dark Fights” plan numerous events in France as well as across the World.”

“World Kickboxing Network collaborates with the project, being official sanctioning body and international matchmaker for the events. Three WKN kickboxing world title belts are challenged during the first season of Dark Fights promotion. The events broadcast on Kombat Sport and L’Equipe 21 networks.”

The post also indicates kickboxing world championship bouts held at the Dark Fights promotions during the first season.

DF 2: Capital Fights – Lidon vs Karapetyan – WKN kickboxing super middleweight world title, May 19, 2016 – Paris, France.

DF 3: Fight Night Saint Tropez 2016 – Lidon vs Solaja – WKN kickboxing super middleweight world title August 4, 2016 – St Tropez, France.

DF 4: NDC 2016 – Aurieng vs Hutnik – WKN kickboxing super heavyweight world title, November 19, 2016 – Marseille, France.

The dates and the city-hosts of the second season are yet revealed. We will have more information as soon as it becomes available.


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