Ondrej Hutnik of Czech Republic causes an upset in France taking the forth round knockout victory over Fabrice Aurieng.

Aurieng vs Hutnik headlined the forth edition of the Dark Fights series on Saturday, November 19, 2016 in Marseille, France. The super heavyweight bout scheduled for five rounds was over in the forth. Hutnik reportedly got a point deducted however he then produced a devastating spinning back-fist that dropped Aurieng to the canvas. As a result Ondrej Hutnik becomes a new WKN kickboxing super heavyweight world champion.

Over the years Hutnik proved himself to be a prominent name made in Czech Republic. Alongside with over 90 bouts behind his belt he defeated Catalin Morosanu and Mikhail Tyuterev as well as many others. In April he also robbed Nicolas Wamba of his WKN intercontinental title at Simply The Best 10 Prague.

With the victory over Aurieng Hutnik returns home as a new world champion, bringing the eminent WKN belt to Czech Republic. He also continues the 9-fight winning strike.

Aurieng and Hutnik challenged for the WKN kickboxing super heavyweight world title. The one prestigious belt that was owned by K-1 super star Jerome Le Banner for over fifteen years. Geronimo earned the title in 1998 in Las Vegas, NV. This is where he KO’d Espedito Da Silva fighting in the Holyfield vs Bean for the WBA and IBF heavyweight titles under card. Le Banner then defended his title numerous times. In 2015 he retired as a champion and vacated the title giving new generation an opportunity to fight for the honorable belt.

Also on the night Alim Nabiev of Azerbaijan took points decision over France’s favorite Yohan Lidon. The two battled out for the WMC muaythai world title in 79 kg weight class. A series of international bouts featured on the card. In addition two Pankration challenges topped up the program.

Fight Results

WKN Kickboxing world championship / Oriental rules / +96.6 kg / 5×3 mn
Ondrej Hutnik (Czech Republic) wins by KO R4 vs Fabrice Aurieng (France)

WMC Muay Thai world championship / -79 kg / 5×3 mn
Alim Nabiev (Azerbaijan) wins on points vs Yohan Lidon (France)

Kickboxing / -66 kg / 5×3 mn
Masaaki Noiri (Japan) wins by KO R3 vs Eddy Nait Slimani (France)

Kickboxing / -57 kg / 3×3 mn
Hakim Hamech (France) wins on points vs Franck Gross (France)

Kickboxing / +95 kg / 3×3 mn
Karim Zeghad (France) wins on points vs Mehdi Boumedienne (France)

Kickboxing / -70 kg / 3×3 mn
Franck Reoutzkoff (France) wins by KO R2 vs Cyril Yessad (France)

Kickboxing / -70 kg / 5×3 mn
Chingiz Allazov (Belarus) wins by KO R4 vs Bruce Codron (France)

Kickboxing / -100 kg / 3×3 mn
Roman Kryklia (Belarus) wins on points vs Stephane Susperregui (France)

Kickboxing / -72.5 kg / 3x 3mn
Jeremy Ragazzacci (France) wins on points vs Thibault Rey (France)

Kickboxing / -75 kg / 3×3 mn
Maxime Sanchez (France) wins by KO R2 vs Laoiri Benmohamed (France)

Pankration / -70 kg / 2×5 mn
Geysim Derouich wins by KO R2 vs Emmanuel Mendy

Pankration / -72 kg / 2×5 mn
Ghiles Oudelha wins on points vs Romain Choukair