Simply The Best 12 Farciennes: Ready, Set… Go!

The time has come for the next episode of the WKN world series Simply The Best on SFR Sport 5.

Simply The Best 12 Farciennes is the third show held in Belgium. This is where the series kicked off in late 2014. A former 16-time world champion Osman Yigin puts his “Built to Win” team to battle out against international competitors.


The headliner of tonight’s event is the WKN kickboxing super heavyweight international championship. Local Omar Bellahmar is facing off Dimitris Vakakis from Greece.

All up four prestigious championship belts are for grabs. Lello Perego is also going up against Greek fighter Gino Miftari. The second made is the last minute replacement for Mohammad Hossein Doroudian of Iran due to the VISA issue. Perego and Miftari will battle out for the international super welterweight title.

In addition Paolo Renna and Lorenzo Piras of Sardinia will clash in the super featherweight championship of Europe. Also on the card Nordine Saidane and Christian Berthely of France who will square off for the super welterweight intercontinental title. Complete fight card is presented below.

Fight Card

WKN Kickboxing International Championship / Super Heavyweight / K-1 Rules / 3x3mn
Omar Bellahmar (Belgium) vs Dimitris Vakakis (Greece)

WKN Kickboxing International Championship / Super Welterweight / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Lello Perego (Belgium) vs Gino Miftari (Greece)

WKN Kickboxing European Championship / Super Featherweight / Oriental Rules / 5x3mn
Paolo Renna (Belgium) vs Lorenzo Piras (Sardinia)

WKN Kickboxing Intercontinental Championship / Super Welterweight / Oriental Rules / 3x3mn
Nordine Saidane (Belgium) vs Christian Berthely (France)

Muay Thai International Bout / Lightweight / 3x3mn
Allan Gozdzicki (Belgium) vs Alessandro Fillini (Italy)

Muay Thai International Bout / Super Lightweight / 3x3mn
Xavier Lejour (Belgium) vs Christophe Couturier (Belgium)

Kickboxing International Bout / Super Welterweight / 3x3mn
Eric Nsinga (Belgium) vs Mohamed Zeggai (France)

Simply The Best 12 Farciennes is the pre-last show finalizing the second season. The final episode is Simply The Best 13 Nowa Sol on December 3. This is where Tomasz Makowski is taking on Manh Hung Tomik Nguyen of Vietnam for the WKN kickboxing  super featherweight world title.


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