BBC - How I Got Here: Billy Murray
BBC - How I Got Here: Billy Murray / Pic: BBC

Legendary kickboxer from Belfast, Northern Ireland Billy Murray appears on BBC TV programme “How I Got Here”.

Billy Murray is a former four-time world champion in four different weight categories. He is also the man credited with helping popularizing kickboxing throughout Ireland. In addition Murray is the head trainer at ProKick as well as the promoter of over 125 shows during the last three decades.

Murray recently appeared on “How I Got Here”. The BBC programme featured on the three year educational “Make It” campaign shares the stories from people who have overcome a challenge in their life, achieved something from hard work or been a strong role model in their local area. The project strives to encourage and give a bit of advice about the challenges people face and the decisions they have to make.

The former world kickboxing champion Billy Murray tells his story on overcoming bullying and finding a focus.

“I wasn’t really bullied throughout school, at all except for the last year,” he says.

“And I took a pretty bad beating.”

“I played truant from school, I mitched off school.”

“I waited until my mum and dad went to school and I went back into the house and I hid at home and I was really frightened,”

“I didn’t tell my dad because my dad was really tough and he was a hard man,”

“He was a good man, but he was a very hard man and he wouldn’t have understood why I couldn’t have defended myself or even fought back.”

“My mum bought me a book, my first book “Beginner’s Guide to Kung Fu.”

“What happened then? It just transcended my life.”

“It gave me an education, it gave me a way of life.”

“A structure in my life, martial arts,”

“I started with Karate, Kung Fu, Thai-boxing, Kickboxing,”

“I fell in love with the sport.”

“We currently are at the ProKick gym in East Belfast which is a tin hut,”

“It’s called the Old Tin Hut,”

“And since 25 years now we’ve produced 16 world, recognized world champions.”

“And right from scratch they come in they don’t know anything about the sport,”

“They are coming for all different reasons.”

“For self-defense, for fitness, some with low self-esteem and some are looking direction in life.”

“And that’s what we help do.”

“If you’re stuck, in any point in your life the first thing you should do – is don’t bottle it up inside.”

“Talk to someone. Because there is always someone out there that’ll listen.”

“There is always someone out there who has been through worse than you.”

“So there are people out there that can help.”


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