Buakaw Banchamek vs Andrei Kulebin

Buakaw Banchamek vs Andrei Kulebin headlines Muay Thai and MMA bill on Saturday, December 10, 2016 in Beirut, Lebanon.

Thailand’s Buakaw Banchamek vs Andrei Kulebin of Belarus is an anticipated muaythai fight that matches to eminent fighters. FIGHTMAG is the first to release the date of the event in August. According to the video trailer published on Monday the promotion claims to be the “biggest event in the Middle East”.

In their most recent bouts Buakaw faced a defeat against Yi Long in China, as well as Kulebin suffered a loss against Fabio Pinca in France. Consequently both are certainly hungry for the win.

Six bouts in muaythai and seven in MMA feature on the fight card. Buakaw vs Kulebin governs the Art of Eight Limbs schedule. Davi Ramos of Brazil and Nick Peidmont of USA headline the Mixed Martial Arts programme. According to promotion’s Facebook page the complete fight card looks as the following.

Muay Thai

Buakaw Banchamek (Thailand) vs Andrei Kulebin (Belarus) -70kg
Morgan Adrar (France) vs Anvar Boynazarov (Uzbekistant) -67kg
Ahmad Ondash (Lebanon) vs Jalal Deaja (Jordan) -67kg
Mahmoud Radwan (Palestine) vs Akram Hassan (Iraq) -72.5kg
Kassem El Khatib (Lebanon) vs Ibrahim El Sawy – 86 kg
Ez Aldin Alderabane (Jordan) vs Jonathan Tuhu (Papua New Guinea) -67kg


Davi Ramos (Brazil) vs Nick Piedmont (USA) -70kg
George Hickman (USA) vs Matt Sayles (USA) -66kg
Mohamad Ghorabi (Lebanon) vs Claudio Cezario (Brazil) -77kg
Moise Rimbon (France) vs Bruno Silva (Brazil) -84kg
Pavel Kusch (Ukraine) vs Christophe Van Dijck (Belgium) -77kg
Tarek Suleiman (Syria) vs Grigoriy Kichigin (Russia) -77kg
Joeshwa Mortada (Lebanon) vs Bachir Yammine(Lebanon) -70kg