Don Roid Delivers FightBox Podcast Episode 100

Don Roid, the popular podcaster at FightBox HD, has produced the monumental episode 100.

The episode 100 indicates the success. Not only that the invitee on the show is “The Fight Professor” Stephen Quadros, but the actual number. In the featured preview Don Roid reflects on the aspects that brought him to this point. The level of being able to produce such quantity of the quality content. Indeed, not every production sees such milestone.

In comparison Roid looks through the statistics of the businesses and marriages. He regards the percentage of the potential failure of anything that gets started from scratch. The answer he finds is not only the all-round guest list that appears on the show, but also the fans who he appreciates with the gratitude.

The feature that makes FightBox Podcast exclusive is that it covers all combat sports, everything.

Roid looks through the schedule of the released one hundred episodes that among fighters, promoters and managers has seen Wushu, Sambo and Sumo competitors, Karate practitioners as well as the bare knuckle boxers, actors, comedians and hypnotists.

“And I even had a fricken’ guy on here who I just saw outside of my house kicking the tree,” he says. He looks forward to keep on finding such guests that will extend the entertainment for the fans. “I will continue to scour the Globe for the fighters of all different disciplines and all different backgrounds.”

In addition the 15-year experienced professional wrestler Don Roid reminds that alongside his duties at FightBox, he contributes to Sumo Talk. This is where he shares his expertise on the bouts, analysis and overview of the events.

Since October 2016 Don Roid is a regular contributor to FIGHTMAG. In the debut he produced the knockout episode 91 with the World Kickboxing Network president himself, Stephane Cabrera.

Don Roid is certainly a talent who devotes his time to what he enjoys with the passion.