Yolanda Schmidt Appears as the Princess Lola
Yolanda Schmidt practices muay thai elbow strike wearing a pink dress

Australian muaythai fighter Yolanda Schmidt posts a photo collage on Instagram appearing in a bright pink dress being the Princess Lola.

“Princess Lola made a guest appearance at a children’s birthday party over the weekend,” Schmidt captioned the post published this morning.

Noted as the most active female muaythai fighter out of Australia this year, Yolanda Schmidt finds time to share love and entertain the kids. The Menai High School teacher in Illawong, NSW who always puts on a ruthless fight performance inside the ring is an absolute opposite on the daily basis. In addition she is a militant supporter of the UN Orange Day campaign that promotes the termination of the violence against women.

“I was a princess, my character Lola made an appearance at a children’s birthday party,” Schmidt told fightmag.com.au this morning.

“Disney and superhero themed party whereby I did balloon twisting and face painting.”

Multiple national champion in muaythai as well as the two-time world championship medalist is as much or as little but hands down a superhero in the eyes of the kids.

“I made various balloon animals, swords and guns for the boys. Face painting varied from fairies, princesses, Spider-Man’s, Batman, butterflies…”

“I spent two and a half hours with the children, closing our day off with some dance battles ‘superheroes vs villains’.”

Yolanda Schmidt masks the animal with a pink princess costume

Schmidt explains the chosen pink color that is used throughout the “Team Springbok” wear.

“Pink is every little girl’s favorite color. This is why I went with it for my princess outfit.”

“While it’s is my second favorite after turquoise, I think it’s a good color on my skin tone. I like bright colors. Pink certainly stands out.”

Appearing on 2011 Russian TV show “ProjektorPerisHilton” boxer Roy Jones Jr outlined the bright colors saying “Make sure you can see me. Bright color makes sure you can see”.

“My Team Springbok’s shirts come in two colors. One is pink with black writing. The other is grey with turquoise writing. Most of the time I have my nails painted pink too.”

“In high school I didn’t really like pink. I didn’t own one single thing of this color. Now I love it.”

Before going to the children’s party on Saturday, December 3, 2016, Schmidt tested the practicality of her outfit by having a little hit on the pads with her trainer at PTJ muaythai Singpayak Chombueng.


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