Billy Murray Promotes The Usual Suspects II

Famed kickboxing promoter Billy Murray is hosting his next fight show The Usual Suspects II on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at Queens Hall, Newtownards, Northern Ireland.

Former world kickboxing champion Billy Murray is always selective when it comes to giving the name to his shows. “My shows are my babies,” he told FIGHTMAG in 2013.


“I like playing with words for names of shows. All little angles for PR.”

“Every little bit helps to get a few inches in the papers.”

Indeed Murray invented dozens of names including Bash n Mash, Fright Night, Thai-Tanic, LadyKillers and of course KICKmas and Kickboxing MANIA. He staged over 130 shows during the last 35 years.

“My first Kickboxing MANIA was in 95 with four pro kickboxing world titles.”

“It was screened on ESPN and all it’s territories.”

His next show is no less entertaining. It reflects The Usual Suspects (1995) movie.

“Looks like a scene from straight out of a movie – The Usual Suspects II. The Fab-Five pictured here [poster] are in no mood to play the fools.”

Murray puts his top champions out of ProKick gym to appear early next year in a spectacular international kickboxing event. The main event team includes Johnny “Swift” Smith, Cathy McAleer, Michael Swann, Jake McCreedy and Samantha Robb. They are taking to the ring in a series of individual yet important fights helping advance their carries.

“At every ProKick event, we endeavor is highlight some of our brightest talent in action,” says Murray.

“We have three world champions in the line-up of The Usual Suspects II.”

“If that isn’t enough then we have some Un-Usual Suspects by-way of new talent climbing through the ropes for the very first time.”

Queens Hall Newtownards accommodates The Usual Suspects II on February 5 next year. This is where Murray held his previous event Back ‘n’ Ards with Swann vs Dunne for the WKN kickboxing all Ireland national title. Newtownards is the town where Murray won his first own world title belt.

The fight card is currently in makes. We will have more on this story as it develops. Stay tuned on FIGHTMAG.


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