WKN MMA Championship Belt
WKN MMA Championship Belt

The largest kickboxing federation, the WKN announces the development of its Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) branch.

“WKN world office sets to develop its MMA affiliate across the world,” says the release this morning.

The World Kickboxing Network went in history as the first body to promote MMA events in Europe. In late 90’s early 00′ the organization held such shows in Spain, Czech Republic, Finland, Serbia and Bosnia.

“The World Kickboxing Network is a part of the International Vale Tudo Championship (IVC), founded in 1997 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The organization is the first in history to organize the bouts of the mixed martial arts concept on European continent.”

In August the WKN returned IVC to the scene. World championship kickboxing Micheletti vs Ortiz for the super cruiserweight title headlined IVC 15 in Sorocaba, Brazil. Kickboxing and MMA bouts combined the programme of the event.

With the MMA branch the World Kickboxing Network continues its devotion to providing “the talents across the world an opportunity to compete under the largest and renowned banner of the stand-up fighting sports.”

It is understood that although at this stage the World Kickboxing Network has no intention of claims to be a universal MMA promoter “such concept [WKN MMA] facilitates the progress of the international recognition for MMA competitors, contributing to their prominence towards their participation in the global MMA promotions”.

“The MMA affiliate within the WKN network also advances the promoters of the collaborated Kickboxing and MMA events with the capacity to accommodate the prestigious championship bouts in both styles of combat sports.”