Choose Best Coach for Achievements in Sport
Nathan Parnham of the performance team with Yolanda Schmidt on the "Destiny" fight show 9 April 2016 in Brisbane, QLD, Australia / Pic: Sharon Richards

Is a professional coach worth the investment?

Whether you utilize a nutrition coach, a mental coach or strength and conditioning coach, you achieve goals faster and with more confidence.

Investing in your career with a professional generates learning and clarity for progress with a commitment to measurable outcomes. Athletes often don’t reach their potential, due to lack of education.

I am fortunate to be working with the best in their chosen fields, to cover various aspects of my training. Professionals assist my growth and development as an athlete. This is, in my opinion, an investment in my athletic career.

My strength and conditioning coach is Nathan Parnham of The Performance Team. He helps me grow, assists in fortifying my forte and destroying some of my demons. Strength and conditioning can be counter-productive if not tailored to your goals, physique and capabilities. Sport specific coaching is valuable for progressions in your chosen sport.

My nutrition coach is Maja Brus of Eat For Performance. She works closely with me to re-frame my thinking and settle some of my food fears. It is not uncommon for athletes in muaythai to develop an unhealthy relationship with food. Therefore, seeing a nutrition coach is beneficial in this sport.

“Even coaches have coaches!” she says. “To keep learning and improving themselves”.

A professional is able to assist in re-framing your attitude and expand your thinking

Most challenges faced each day are based on the limitations and fears we place on ourselves.

“Without experience and knowledge combined you’re just guessing. Everything has to have purpose with goals and objectives. Specifically working towards the desired fitness parameter you’re chasing, otherwise you’re just training for the sake of training.” says Parnham when asked why one should invest in a specialized coach.

No two people are the same. Therefore a program designed to suit the individual is the one that will lead to success. In modern society anything is available online. More often than not, athletes pick programs from a website and try to replicate it in the gym.

“When programming on your own, we tend to add exercises we like or are good at, instead of focusing on our weaknesses”┬ásays Brus.

Knowledge is power and without it, meaningful athletic development is lost. It is pivotal to understand why exercises are performed and how to correctly perform them. To allow for progressions in the gym, a coach ensures you are pushed beyond what you believe you are capable of. A professional has your best interest at heart, including appropriate recovery.

Brus says “athletes need to find one method, and one coach that works with them and not for them. A coach who understands their unique needs and educates them thereafter”.

Professionals, regardless of which aspect of your career they cover, can offer a multitude of support. My coaches allow the bigger picture to be seen and provide answers, reassurance, accountability and results.


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