Watch This: 2016 Year in Review

Here is our review of the last twelve months of the world of the fighting sports.

Our review of the year 2016 includes the events picked based on the most popular stories in FIGHTMAG.

January was quiet with the fight shows however two stories broke the news across the world. Daniel “The Rock” Dawson announced his return to muaythai in eight years. Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt punched Emiliano “The Noodles” Rivera in the stomach who laughed it off.

In February “The Giant Slovak” Tomas Mozny became Facebook sensation. “Be flexible guys” footage that sees a spectacular spinning-back kick rapidly gained over a million views. At the end of the month Artem Levin and Simon Marcus squared off in their third decider fight. Referee in charge Al Whichgers made international headlines.

In March Riyadh Al-Azzawi retained his WKN world title in London. The spinning-back kick also led “The Golden Champion” to cover of FIGHTMAG. In addition 37 weeks pregnant Chontel Duncan broke the news across the world.

Kickboxing series “Simply The Best” started the second season in April in Czech Republic. Ondrej Hutnik defeated Nicola Wamba and became a new WKN intercontinental champion.

May was significant. Australian star Yolanda “The Springbok” Schmidt earned her second bronze for the nation at IFMA 2016 Jonkoping. “The Weapon” Toby Smith and “The Magician” Johane Beausejour headlined the best muaythai show of the year in Australia “Nemesis 11 Perth“. Moreover, Yohan Lidon scored the l’Equipe 21 KO of the Year. Frenchman stopped Karapet Karapetyan of Armenia and earned a prestigious WKN world title.

John Wayne Parr defeated Pavlos Kaponis in June. The dominant performance from JW includes the jumping scissor knee he previously outlined as “easy”.

July has seen the biggest disappointment of the year in MMA. Mark Hunt faced a defeated against Brock Leasnor who failed the doping test which resulted in making “Super Samoan” furious at the UFC.

Kicking off the second half of 2016 we were in the city of Rich and Famous

Mickey Rourke featured on the A-list celebrities attending annual Fight Night Saint Tropez in August. Victorious in the Grand Prix “The Giant Slovak” Tomas Mozny again became a star on Facebook this time with the flying mouthpiece spectacle. Topping up the bill, the World Kickboxing Network returned International Vale Tudo Championship to the world stage. Micheletti vs Ortiz for the WKN super cruiserweight world title headlined IVC 15.

September put together a “Wicked Duel” between Fabio Pinca and Andrei Kulebin.

In October Simply The Best returned to Slovakia. Vladimir Idranyi became the WKN champion of Europe coming out victorious over Matous Kohout. Meanwhile John Wayne Parr defeated Daniel “The Rock” Dawson in their 15 years in a making decider fight.

In November Ondrej Hutnik caused his second upset of the year. He KO’d Fabrice Aurieng winning the WKN world title previously owned by Jerome “Geronimo” Le Banner. Also hands down Sylvester Stallone made the in news with the 40th anniversary of Rocky. The culmination of the month came with the world’s best boxing referee Steve Smoger, nominee for the Atlantic City Boxing Hall of Fame.

In December we have witnessed the world championship kickboxing in Poland. Tomasz Makowski earned the WKN world title with the victory over Nicola Canu. Buakaw Banchamek put on a powerful performance against Andrei Kulebin in Beirut. A highly anticipated clash between Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari ended in the TKO in favor of Verhoeven.

In addition three popular stories made the headlines. “Carnage” seminar in Mike’s Gym organized by Gokhan Saki featured the release of the Bigger’s Better Boxing episode 1 full video, as well as a victorious return of Vitaly Gurkov in China.

Closing out 2016 I want to say thank you to Cold Company, Top Sangmorakot and the team at FIGHTMAG

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy victorious new year 2017. Keep on Fighting!


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