Yolanda Schmidt vs Phetlanna Pettonphueng

Australian first string female muaythai fighter Yolanda “The Springbok” Schmidt is fighting in Thailand on January 4, 2017.

“The Springbok” Yolanda Schmidt out of Sydney, NSW is currently in Chiang Mai. Next Wednesday she faces off local Phetlanna Pettonphueng at Thaphae Boxing Stadium.

“I’ve been in Thailand for a week now and plan to be here until the first week in March, depending on the fights I get,” says Schmidt.

“My trainer [Andrew Parnham] and I briefly spoke about this [journey] in January. We sat down and set out my goals for the year.”

“Recently opportunities came up and we decided that it would be the best if I did the Thailand stint now.”

Yolanda Schmidt vs Phetlanna Pettonphueng is scheduled for 5×3 minute rounds in a featherweight division. “The Springbok” jumps over two weight-classes.

“I don’t know anything about my opponent except that she is a regular fighter here.”

“Female Thai fighters are extremely smart when it comes to racking up points during the rounds. They fight differently to westerners, so I need to go in with that in mind.”

“It’s 60kg, taking [fights] what I can get. So no weight cut at all.”

In 2016 Schmidt updated her record with 6 victories out of 9 bouts, practically every month. She however postponed Christmas holidays.

“A break and family time would have been lovely but perhaps next year.”

“I’ve had 9 fights last year and 9 fights this year. I wanted to beat that and just make it to the double digits. However, I missed it by four days with my next fight being the 4th of January 2017.”