Nathan Corbett Presents Carnage Training on the Gold Coast

Carnage Striking is a 30 min or 1 hour sessions. It is of course not only about the elbows.

Until I feel the client is ready to learn the elbow, I work on basics, starting with footwork, hand work and body balance. Occasionally I get a higher skilled person, so then I work the elbows with them from the start, if that’s what they are after.

A 30 min session is mostly pad work and all depends on their level. We generally work a range of combos. Those that book for 1 hour also get more knowledge from technical training and mindset. Plus we also do partner drills.

I’ve found that most of my clients are interested in feeling better about themselves. Muaythai and kickboxing is what they choose to get that result. It’s more than just losing weight or getting fit. It gives the person a skill they can take away with them. Martial Arts build confidence, strength and power of the mind. And of course with the right eating plan – lose weight and healthy lifestyle.

There are those fighters from other guys that do come to me for the finer points, or just to learn something new to mix up their training. Sometime just to talk about the mentality of being a world champion.

I don’t set up an individual training program as such for each person. But pending on their skill level or what they are wanting to achieve, I guide them to what needs to be done also outside of the training times with me.

Occasionally I also train two people together. It is sometimes a better way, as it cuts the costs, plus gives them more confidence as a couple. When I train two together I let them partner up and give them skill work to practice on each other.

At this stage for personal training clients the hours available are from 5am to 4pm daily

As of next year I have also decided to give the new group training twice a week. It is to offer a confirmed time plus affordable price for everyone to train with me. It also allows me to build my own students and potentially find a new young talent and create a champion.

The session is open to everyone. It is a general muaythai and kickboxing training. Lots of technique, core strength plus mindset. There is no real limit to numbers but if it gets very busy then will look at adding another session weekly.