Stephane Cabrera Expands Kickboxing Network in Korea
Stephane Cabrera

The president of the World Kickboxing Network Stephane Cabrera is currently in Seoul.

Early this month Stephane Cabrera traveled to Asia, opening the 2017 season. On January he has attended the Ganryujima 6 martial arts show in Tokyo, also promoting two fighters out of the WKN Top Team. The next event is on Thursday, January 19. The country of the rising sun accommodates the following Fuji network show SEiZA – Japan vs Greece. In between of the events Cabrera flew to South Korea.

“I have two shows to assist in Japan this month. So instead of flying all way back to Europe after the first event and then returning [to Japan] for the second, I’ve taken this time to visit Korea. We are currently expanding the WKN network there with the Khan group,” Cabrera told

The Khan, headed by Myungkyu Yang, is known as the largest kickboxing organization in Korea. A former partner of FEG was in charge of the local K-1 events.

“They are the biggest promoters in the country. We look forward to organize the WKN championship in Korea.”

“We work together since 2014 with the first Korean athlete fighting at our show in Belgium. The next year we promoted one in Slovakia and last [year] in Czech Republic. The next event is the world championship in Nice, France vs Korea.”

During the visit to Seoul, kickboxing boss Cabrera received a warm welcome. He also visited the K-Max Gym.

“I really like people here, they are very friendly and helpful. Korean food [Kimchi] is delicious. Seoul is a wonderful city, a lot of things to do and very interesting to look around. It has a lot of history although very modern.”

“I also of course like their national sport Taekwondo, which is an Olympic discipline. There is almost 10 thousand gyms around the country.”

“The Khan team are very nice and serious people. The true spirit of the WKN family.”

“I want to say thank you to Myungkyu Yang, Kyung Junghyun and Jaegil Noh for their hospitality.”