WKN Top Team Greece Takes Part at the SEiZA Girl's Budo Entertainment in Japan
Team Greece

SEiZA launches the Girl’s Budo Entertainment on Thursday, January 19, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.

Budo is a term that describes the modern martial arts in Japan. The translation of Budo is the “Martial Way” and also the “Way of War”. SEiZA is a promotion group, head by Mr Yamaguchi. The organization promotes the first professional Budo for women. The concept is a series of tournaments that matches female athletes from numerous countries. In general, the project aims to bring a new level of TV entertainment for the lovers of martial arts in Japan.

Moreover SEiZA is backed by the WKN. The world’s leading governing body for all disciplines of kickboxing is an international matchmaker for the events.

The debut on January 19 will see Team Greece. Five athletes out of the WKN Top Team face off international opponents of Japan, Nepal, Brazil and Lithuania.

The released matching is a five-fight international program. Four bouts are in the open weight class 65 kg. Violeta Kalaidopoulou and Christina Kousta go up against Radha Manandhar and Rajina Bista of Nepal. Sofia Karga is battling out against Tabatha Ricci of Brazil. Marianthi Samouchou takes on the representative of the country host Nanae Takahashi. In addition, Charikleia Dimitroula and Julija Stoliarenko will square the differences in the 61 kg super match.

In conclusion, SEiZA finalizes the opening of the season. The martial arts show Ganryujima began the year on January 3 live on Fuji network.