Idris Elba: Fighter TV Series New To Discovery


Novice to Pro: Actor Idris Elba becomes kickboxer in 12 months.

Discovery channel UK starts a new documentary series Idris Elba: Fighter on Tuesday, January 17, 2017. Hollywood actor out of the United Kingdom, Elba is a winner of the 2011 Golden-Globe “Best Actor” award as well as multiple Emmy Award nominee. He is known for playing Russell “Stringer” Bell on the HBO series The Wire, and also Detective John Luther on the BBC One series Luther. He appeared in numerous movies including American Gangster (2007) and Takers (2010).

However the tough guy out of the silver screen had a goal to experience what it takes to be a real fighter. Last November Elba entered the boxing ring at the age of 44. He made a victorious debut at York Hall in Lodon. Madonna herself presented ringside. Moreover she posted the video of the fight on her Instagram.

Idris Elba: Fighter on Discover Channel UK has the full story to share. The series is a documentary shot in Great Britain, Cuba, Japan, South Africa and Thailand. There is neither acting nor script. There is no stuntman, no special effects.

Elba used to practice kickboxing for fitness in his 20s. He now trains to become a real deal inside the ring.

“It is probably the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he says. “Just gotta give it a good shot. It might hurt.”

Former world champion in muaythai Kieran Keddle is the head coach of Elba, who travels the world undertaking the most demanding experience of his life. The fight is the fight, as well as the consequences.