Yolanda Schmidt: Big Time Muay Thai in Thailand
Yolanda Schmidt performs Wai Khru Ram Muay ahead of her muaythai encounter with Phetlanna Pettonphueng on January 4, 2017 at Thaphae Boxing Stadium, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Australian dancing, PDHPE and geography school teacher Yolanda Schmidt has a serious task at hand.

“The Springbok” Yolanda Schmidt of Sydney, NSW is currently in Thailand. Last December she traveled to the birth place of the Art of Eight Limbs to proceed with her Muay Thai passion.

The 2015 Australian “Best Female Fighter of the Year” opened this season with an early bout on January 4. She defeated Phetlanna at the Thaphae Boxing Stadium in Chiang Mai.

“Last fight was a good experience although with a lot of pressure,” Schmidt told fightmag.com.au. “My goal was to apply changes in my style made at training here in Thailand.”

On January 28 Schmidt is fighting in Hui Hin, southern Thai province of Prachuap Khiri Khan.

She is facing off her 2016 vis-a-vis Plyfah. The encounter last August ended in favor of Australian. However since, the Thai fighter has prominently competed as well as became the champion of Isan, northeastern region of Thailand that consists of 20 provinces.

“I have the press conference on Tuesday in Bangkok.”

“The weight is 56 kg. They’ve tried to push for 57, but the first fight we fought at 55. So we met in the middle.”

“It is typical 5×3 minute rounds. I don’t think it’s a title fight. It is however spoken as just a ‘big fight’ because she is a current top Thai.”

“It [fight] will certainly be different from the first. Thai fighters are as strong and hard as they come.”

“I am though here [in Thailand] and anywhere I go with one aim.”

While in Thailand the representative of Sydney’s Photajaroen academy, Yolanda Schmidt is training at Santai gym.

“I am adjusting to the training schedule, their training style, new trainers, new bossman.”

“I have also been doing some online mentoring with the girls who are looking at taking their first fights this year, about what to expect and answering any questions they had.”

“It always feels great to help others.”