Carnage Muay Thai Quality Group Classes

Quality vs Quantity. Starting the second week of Carnage group training at Urban Fight Gym on the Gold Coast.

Last week was a great start. Not huge numbers but it is good to keep the quality there. I don’t mind and really enjou teaching smaller classes. It gives the students more of my attention. Although I am open for a bigger audience as well.


It takes structure to teach both beginners and advanced together. But of course it is not a problem. Sometimes it’s really good for beginners to train shoulder to shoulder with more advanced students.

My class is not just any muaythai class. It has all my wisdom and knowledge from the 15 year fight career. Although the basics might be the same it’s about the way it is taught. This is what defines my classes. The education obtained and applied during the long successful race inside the ring as a fighter as well as the instructor in the course of numerous seminars across the world.

Currently there is no extra time available to teach beginners separately. Urban Fight Gym has already scheduled classes before hand. So it’s all together, for now.

I work a lot with the fighters in my personal training programs. However the fighters are welcome to join my class too. There is always a lot to learn. I strive to make it a very hands on training session. In the future I might have more time and space to work with elite fighters individually.

My muaythai group classes is an addition to what I have been doing during the last three years in terms of “Carnage Striking” training program. In August I am off for my annual summer camp in Serbia.

Until then there is a series of seminars booked within Australia. I am also always open to new adventures. With the inquiries inbox me on Facebook.


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