Nadya Magay Beautifies the Fighting Sports
Nadya Magay / Pic: Tany Katz / Instagram @nadyamagay

Nadya Magay looks like a character straight out of the action film.

Born in Angren, Uzbekistan Nadya Magay, 28, resides in Moscow, Russia. She tops up a prominent bill of the kickass beauties.

Although Magay doesn’t seem to engage in the actual punch on she certainly has the moves. The martial arts skills combine with her exotic looks.

Hands down Uzbek stunner is a devotee of the fighting sports. In addition she appears as a ring girl at Muay Thai and MMA promotions. As a result, all up also leads her to the podium as a notable model.

The Instagram profile of Magay has numerous posts seeing her in action. Dozens of photographs indeed remind a character out of the shows like “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” or “Arrow”, for example. It is all mixed with the knockout modeling shots and videos.

In conclusion, Nadya Magay is a following illustration of a beauty in martial arts. A humble personality and cat lover is, absolutely, a rising star.