Girl Power Releases 2014 Championship Fight Video


Throwback Thursday with Bigger’s Better returns us to Girl Power 2014 in Liepaja, Latvia.

Three weeks prior the announced Girl Power kickboxing show live on SFR Sport 5, Bigger’s Better releases the championship fight video of the debut show. Anna Tatjana Lie of Norway and Ivana Miklasova of Slovakia square the differences in the finale live on Pay-Per-View.

On the way to the final both went through two challenges. The Girl Power format is an 8 woman kickboxing eliminator. Miklasova faced off a strong opposition from Thailand, Daorung Samrong. The bout went on distance with Slovak fighter taking the decision. Lie took on a prominent Pernille Schjonning of Denmark. The verdict from judges proclaimed the representative of Norway as the winner.

The semi-finals outlined the concept of the knockout tournament. Miklasova battled out against Seda Duygu Aygun of Turkey. The head kick in Round 2 terminated the contest. Lie went up against the representative of the country host, Karina Jarjomenko. She similarly earned a supreme victory in the first round.

Consequently the 2014 championship fight saw two popular European kickboxers Ivana Miklasova and Anna Tatja Lie. In the opening round female fighters predominantly put on an even performance. Lie showed more accuracy in the second as well as a the unquestionable dominance in the final.

As a result Anna Tatja Lie took all Girl Power tournament and also received a prestigious WKN title belt. In addition, the event made history. Famed boxing referee out of the Atlantic City, NJ, USA, Steve Smoger appeared in his debut as the referee in kickboxing.

Girl Power II airs live on SFR Sport 5 on Friday 10th February, 20:00 (UTC +01:00)

The show is a featherweight 8-woman kickboxing tournament. The contests scheduled at 3 x 2 minute rounds with an extra round in the finale in case of a draw. The rules of the bouts are K-1. In addition the spinning back fist is allowed.