Stephane Cabrera: In Australia it’s all thanks to Parviz Iskenderov

Since the Throwback Thursday is still a popular trend, here is a three-year flashback with the king in kickboxing Stephane Cabrera.

In the exclusive 2014 FIGHTMAG release Stephane Cabrera talks 20 years history. He shares historical facts of the global federation, World Kickboxing Network. In this blog I would like to outline what the WKN head said about our region.


“Australia, a country of the pioneers coming from Europe, that have lived in the very hard conditions at the start, is known as the warrior’s land. So of course kickboxing is very popular there,” he said.

“The biggest events, during five solid years, we make with Darren Curovic and Ed Zouroudis in Western Australia and Queensland. These super shows headlined by muaythai stars John Wayne Parr and Nathan ‘Carnage’ Corbett. There are also quite a few other top international and Australian events throughout the country with different promoters.”

Our shows are certainly of the next level. The latest Nemesis 11 Perth gala, with Patrick Talbot and Bill Seth, is likely the 2016 promotion of the year.

“There is a great generation of the WKN champions in Australia, like Danial Williams, Robert Powdrill and Taylor Harvey, and of course many others, who we manage and bring to compete at the WKN events around the World.”

“To be honest I don’t think there is any other federation that takes care of Australian fighters the way the WKN does. For many years we build their names and promote internationally.”

“It is all thanks to our work with Parviz Iskenderov who is my right hand in Australia.”

“We are friends since 2001 and constantly in contact. He is in charge of all our web projects including Bigger’s Better.”

“Parviz has also developed a renowned online media out of Australia, FIGHTMAG. I can also say that he is a master of memory. He is up to date with all our shows and can recall those events and names that even I have completely forgotten.”

I indeed have been known as instrumental in promoting Australian fighters internationally. In addition, my work is significant in coordination of some of the biggest events, such as Total Carnage, for example. Although I generally do things, behind the scenes, rather than talk and show off that it’s me who gets them done. I de-facto remember everything. This post is just a reminder.


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