Bruce McTavish Talks Pacquiao vs Horn
Bruce McTavish / Pic: Sandra Mu/Getty Images AsiaPac

Bruce McTavish shares his opinion on a potential Pacquiao vs Horn boxing match.

Bruce McTavish is a New Zealand-born veteran international boxing referee residing in Philippines. He spoke to The Manila Times on Tuesday. During the phone interview boxing official gave his opinion on the Pacquiao vs Horn bout that is currently in negotiations. The deal is not yet sealed. The parties still need to come to an agreement in regards to the financial side of the contract.

McTavish, 76, expressed no doubts in the victorious outcome for Pacquiao. He also opined that Horn “has no real talent”. He though outlined a “good future” for Australian although the Pacquiao fight is “too premature”.

“I was one of the judges when I saw Jeff Horn won by knockout against an African opponent during an IBF event last December. To tell you the truth, Horn is a very nice kid, former schoolteacher, clean cut, a good boxer, but he has no real talent,” McTavish said.

“He may have won by a knockout against the other guy and did it pretty well, but I think he’s too young and raw for Manny.”

“Manny will knock him out three to four rounds and I guess it’s a mismatch. It’s a shame.”

“Horn has a good future but he’s not yet ready for somebody like Pacquiao. Too premature. Pacquiao is a freak of nature. He only needs six weeks to get into a tough shape and that’s very fast.”

Boxing official also revealed what in his opinion Horn required to defeat Pacquiao although he doubts such outcome.

“Horn needs to focus on his jab, but I think it is not going to happen.”

He also said that if the Pacquiao vs Horn bout gets locked in it “is definitely good for Australia because Manny is known all over the world wherever he goes.”

In addition McTavish suggested that undefeated American WBO and WBC light welterweight champion Terence Crawford (30, 21 KOs – 0) is a better match for Pacquiao. He also believes that the reason why Horn is picked over Crawford is an “Easy payday” for Pacquiao.

“Crawford is on his peak right now at his young age. It’s more than a competitive fight for Manny at this stage because Crawford is also much younger.”