Sylvester Stallone Full Contact punch fiesta
Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa (l) and Antonio Tarver as Mason "The Line" Dixon (r) in Rocky Balboa (2006) film / "Blunt force trauma..." / Pic: Instagram @officialslystallone

The Instagram profile of Sylvester Stallone is constantly up to date.

Either you are a fan of a movie star or a boxing practitioner, the living legend out of the silver screen has always something entertaining to share. Last November, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Rocky, Sylvester Stallone posted a set of the “never seen before” photographs. This week has been no less reminiscing.

Stallone posted two photographs out of Rocky Balboa VI (2006). In addition he revealed a rare Rocky IV (1985) snap alongside Dolph Lundgren. The “Full Contact” devoted images see the landing punching as real as they come.

“Blunt force trauma…” Stallone captioned the photo that sees Rocky landing his left on Mason “The Line” Dixon in the sixth film. Antonio Tarver, the real boxer, titled as light heavyweight world champion under different sanctioning bodies, played Dixon.

“Full contact, nothing like realism” is the description the Hollywood boxing icon put under the snap where Dixon pays Rocky back with the right hook. Lastly, “Full contact”, this is what Rocky Balboa vs Ivan Drago demonstrate in their 1985 showdown.