Buakaw Banchamek squares off with Jackie Chan
Buakaw Banchamek (l) and Jackie Chan (r) / Pic: Facebook / BanchamekGym

Banchamek Gym shares a photo of Buakaw alongside Jackie Chan.

Buakaw Banchamek and Jackie Chan make international headlines with the photo posted on Facebook on Sunday. The snap demonstrates muaythai star and Hollywood actor standing shoulder to shoulder. Moreover, they keep their hands up in the fighting position.

“We will fight for sure,” says the caption. There is neither further description nor information on the happening.

Chan was reportedly in Thailand for the premiere of his new “Railroad Tigers” movie. He has also started the promotion in India of the “Kung Fu Yoga” project.

Over the years Buakaw appeared in several TV campaigns. He has also starred as “Joi” aka “Thong Dee” in the historical blockbuster “Legend of the Broken Sword Hero”.

The fans are certainly thrilled anticipating to see both stars to appear on the silver screen together.