Daniel Dawson: I Feel Like My Mission Now is to Give Back


Daniel Dawson shares his thoughts and perspectives for the future.

Multiple world champion out of Perth, Western Australia Daniel Dawson, 39, went live stream on Facebook earlier this month. A “quick share from the heart” where “The Rock” spoke to his fans.

Dawson reminisced the early days of his career that started at the age of 15. He explained the reasons that pushed him to enter the boxing ring.

“At that time I didn’t have a lot of love for myself growing up,” he said. “I was fighting to get love, to get respect, to get admiration. That was my driving force, that motivated me to fight.”

“The Rock” is champion in all stand-up fighting disciplines. He has competed internationally.

“I was fighting to get something that I didn’t have inside of me.”

“After my two first years of boxing, I needed more of admiration and the love for what I was doing from people outside… It wasn’t enough to keep me going.”

“I kept pushing on, I kept fighting trying to find what it was I was looking for.”

“I stopped fighting so much for the love of fighting. And I kept fighting to find what it was that I needed.”

At the age of 33 Daniel Dawson realized that “admiration and the love from other people…” wasn’t what he was searching for.

He mentioned a couple of fights that he lost, as well as recalled that he wasn’t on the top of the rock at that time. However the things certainly have changed for the best.

“I was lucky enough to meet my wife, who brought really the best out of me. I’ve also met some great people along the way.”

“I’ve noticed, that the last four or five years I’ve treated the people around a hell of a lot better, since I’ve been treating myself better. It truly has been a bit of a transformation.”

Last year Dawson returned to muaythai and fought John Wayne Parr.  He talked the fight and also looked ahead drawing the near future.

“I am really wondering this year about the fighting. I’ve been fighting for 25 years, a big chunk of my life.”

“I feel like there is an opportunity now where I can actually give more to the people around me, to the people in my life.”

“I can give more to them through coaching, maybe through writing up my system, sharing my experiences, what I’ve learned in life. Maybe I can actually do more sharing all that with everyone else, than to continue my own journey [in the ring].”

Such comment raises an obvious question whether Daniel Dawson is ready to hang the gloves.

“I don’t know if I’m retiring yet, it’s just what I feel right now,” he said. “I feel that my mission now is to give back. Help the people around me.”

“This year is going to be a little bit different. This year is going to be a little bit of a journey of me giving back to people who helped me.

“Thank you so much. Thank you for being there for me, giving me the love that you have.”

In addition, Danial Dawson is a part of the MMA 24/7 sports centre in Belmont, WA. On Sunday January 29 the gym accommodates an inter-club fundraiser where “The Rock” is squaring off with some of his team mates in terms of the exhibition sparring session.


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