Training Carnage Striking

When I started traveling I wanted to share footage from all round the world while teaching Carnage Striking.

So I would put up short clips to show some of the things I teach during a 2-hour Carnage seminars. It also helps with promoting what I do. It gives the viewers a small taste of what you might expect.

This works well. I get many bookings because of these videos. Fans are also still happy to watch me in action. Although no more professional fights to watch of me.

I often get messages from gym owners and students saying they will use that drill or technique in there training. So it helps everyone in someway.

The purpose of my videos I’ve being posting lately is more for promotion of my new Carnage training classes. Showing the moves it focuses more on the students while all are training together.

At times, I of course still get in the videos to show the correct movements. This promotes my business and I believe inspires people that are watching.

I don’t mind if anyone copies and uses my coaching videos in there gyms. We are all once beginners before. The one thing they can’t do – is to copy the way I explain how to do things, when and why to do things.

Carnage training is growing fast. I enjoy the process and have so much more to teach. The future is strong for Team Carnage.

Nathan Corbett
Nathan Corbett aka 'Carnage' is an 11-time world champion in Muay Thai from Gold Coast, Australia. During the fighting career he knocked 44 opponents out in 59 victorious bouts out of 65 fights in total, as well cemented his name in history as the 'elbow master'. Corbett is a regular contributor to FIGHTMAG, where he writes 'Carnage Diary'.


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