Jawbone 2017 Film: More Drama, More Boxing


The “Jawbone” boxing drama hits wide screen.

The Jawbone is a British movie produced by Vertigo Films. The director is Thomas Q. Napper. Johnny Harris makes his debut as the screenwriter. Moreover he plays the lead role of Jimmy McCabe. The top of the cast includes Ian McShane who portraits the boxing promoter Joe Padgett, Ray Winstone who stars as the gym owner William Carney and Michael Smiley who appears as the cornerman Eddie.

Jawbone is also known by its working title as “The Ballad of Jimmy McCabe”. It tells the story of a former youth boxing champion. Jimmy McCabe is on the crossroads. He aims for the right step, although looking in all the wrong places.

When life hits impossibly hard the only solution he finds is the return to his roots. He eventually discovers himself training at his childhood boxing gym alongside the only team ever believed in him. Many years since, nobody would think he’d be a contender again. As a result he is fighting his demons, seeking for redemption and risking his life. He aims to prove wrong and retrieve his place in the world.

The release date is March 17, 2017 in the United Kingdom. The movie also premieres at the Glasgow Film Festival on February 25-26. Johnny Harris is announced to attended the first screening.