Steve Kennedy Defeats Ben Kelleher
Steve Kennedy / Pic: Facebook

Steve Kennedy and Ben Kelleher headlined the Legend MMA fight show on Saturday January 28 on the Gold Coast.

Western Australian Steve Kennedy traveled to Queensland to face off Dricus du Plessis out of South Africa. However, the VISA issue forced the cancellation of the bout. Ben Kelleher of Northern Territory reportedly took the fight on less than the 24-hour notice, consequently saving the main event.

Although the bout didn’t go on distance, according to Kennedy, his new vis-a-vis still had a unique chance to win “if he landed one of those dynamite hands or kicks”. Perth-based fighter earned the second round victory via submission. He performed the head-arm choke at 2 minutes 34 seconds.

In his previous fight last June Kennedy defeated Brian Ebersole. In addition he earlier made a couple of appearances at the UFC although faced the defeats. He also occasionally competes in boxing. Ben Kelleher last fought in June losing to Stu Dare. Once an accomplished kickboxer and MMA competitor aimed to get into The Ultimate Fighter series. In addition the two were in talks to square off back in 2012.

“Mad mad props to him for getting in there on short notice,” Kennedy talked his opponent after the fight. “He saved the whole show, this is the Ben Kelleher show ladies and gentlemen.”