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Caity Lotz: Knockout Power of Positive Energy

“Started from the bottom now we here,” describes herself Caity Lotz out of business of making people laugh, cry and think.


The fans of the Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow series are certainly familiar with the knockout smile of Caity Lotz. American actress, dancer, singer and model out of San Diego, CA tops up the bill of beauties who practice Martial Arts.

Although the info Lotz put in her bio on Facebook gives a brief idea of how she is, it only makes her appear humble which certainly adds charm. Beginning the career as a dancer she has toured with the A-list artists which includes Lady Gaga and Avril Lavigne. Lotz has starred in numerous music videos as well as appeared in several adverts for different brands. This includes a campaign for Reebok, official sponsor for UFC and CrossFit.

Thereto¬†Lotz has been a part of the girl group Soccx producing several singles. She has also modeled for¬†Esquire and Men’s Health, as well as made¬†covers for Bello Mag and AJOURE.

Lastly, Caity Lotz is an illustration of the power of positive energy

She delivers such moods out of the screen. Alongside her current roles in CW’s shows her appearance on TV includes Law & Order: LA, Mad Men and more.

The Legends of Tomorrow hit the third season. This is where you can witness Caity Lotz or ‘assassin from the future’ or ‘white canary’ or Sara Lance in action.

The featured video (via Facebook) is a compilation that sees Caity Lotz training. She practices fighting with the various martial arts weapons, including bo staff [long pole], escrima sticks [two short sticks] and sword. Her dancing background is no doubts significant when it comes to coordination [foot work] and flexibility – essential aspects in fight choreography. In addition here are several photos out of the Instagram where “Baddass” Lotz captured wearing kickboxing gear making a tough face.


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