Bigger's Better Boxing presents people behind the scenes
Stephane Cabrera (l), Jean-Christophe Courreges (c), Jean Philippe Lustyk (r)

There is only a week away from our next Bigger’s Better show.

On Friday February 10 the Girl Power II airs on SFR Sport 5. The event is a relaunch of the Bigger’s Better series. Since 2010 till 2014 the incorporation has produced three seasons of unstoppable boxing live on Eurosport. As of now on the “BB” partners with the French network fully dedicated to all disciplines of combat sports.

The upcoming show is a pilot of female kickboxing tournaments that we all highly anticipate. All fighters on the card were presented last week. In addition the French competitors appeared at Kombat Club last night promoting the show.

The time has come to introduce the people behind the scenes

The head of the crew is Jean-Christophe Courreges. The “BB” president is a boxing promoter since 1984. JC has organized fights throughout the world including France, USA and South Africa. He has also managed hundreds of fighters with Henry Akinwande, Byron Mitchell, Stephane Haccoun, Frankie Randall and Víctor Cordoba featuring on the list. Prior the launch of the Bigger’s Better in 2010, Courreges has held two gala live on Eurosport. K-1 star Jerome Le Banner headlined the shows that generated over a million viewers each time.

The president of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera is the man who needs no introduction. He is a person involved in combat sports industry on the highest level for more than twenty five years. The WKN is partnered with the “BB” and has promoted kickboxing championship bouts on the night of the boxing eliminator-tournaments. In addition, the WKN is a matchmaker for the promotion.

Our master of ceremony, the ring announcer is Jean-Philippe Lustyk. Journalist and commentator is a witness to some of the most prestigious bouts all around the Planet. Lustyk has been a boxing producer for Eurosport as well as worked with the greatest French media including Canal+, TF1, Europe 1 and Orange. His passion and expertise in combat sports are unanimously acknowledged on the top international level.


Hall of Famer Steve Smoger officiates the Bigger’s Better and WKN kickboxing bouts. Not to say too much or too little, he is recognized as the simply the best boxing referee in the world. “SS” credits the “BB” as instrumental in providing him with the exposure throughout Europe, that itself played a significant role for his induction into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) class of 2015.

Klaus Hagemann is the Bigger’s Better official and referee. With almost 35 years of knowledge he is a highest level specialist in officiating all stand up fighting disciplines as well as MMA. Furthermore Hagemann is the WKN man in Germany.

The Bigger’s Better events is Bruno Wartelle. With the 25-4 record in boxing he is a former multiple WBC lightweight international champion. Moreover at the time of competing he reportedly claimed the rank #7 in the entire World.

Yours truly

My tagline says the following: “Parviz Iskenderov is the Bigger’s Better digital media executive out of Australia. He is a journalist at FIGHTMAG and muaythai fighter with over 60 bouts behind his belt.” We should also outline my role as the WKN coordinator which is substantial in promoting Australian muaythai fighters and kick-boxers internationally.

In addition, there are dozens of local promoters, trainers and athletes. They share the passion and love to combat sports. They work hard in order to produce the Bigger and Better events live on television for sports fans.

Bigger’s Better is also available on numerous social media platforms. You will find it at @biggersbetterboxing on Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion and Instagram as well as on Twitter at @BiggersBetterBB.

See you next Friday at Girl Power II, February 10th at 8PM (UTC+01) Live on SFR Sport 5.