Darren Curovic announces two Muay Thai Domination shows
Muay Thai action at Domination fight promotions in Perth, Western Australia / Pic: Emanuel Rudnicki / Noisy Pixels / FIGHTMAG

Darren Curovic announces two “Muay Thai Domination” events in Perth, WA.

Australian promotion Muay Thai Domination prepares its next show. Moreover, this year the organization schedules two happenings. The upcoming event is on May 27th with the following edition planned for October.

“The first show will be all muaythai,” promoter Darren Curovic told FIGHTMAG. “In October we will mix it up again. We will also promote boxing on the night.”

The previous gala late 2016, has produced the 4 man muaythai eliminator. Lloyd Dean came out victorious out of two contests. In the opening round he scored a decision against Jaturapat Bash of Thailand. He similarly earned the victory over his country-fellow Roy Wills in the finale, consequently taking all tournament.

In addition two boxing matches featured on the card. Perth boxer Glen Austin made a comeback. He earned a decision over Richard Simpson of Queensland. Also Renae Wauhop made her debut although facing a defeat against Anita Boom of Victoria.

Serpentine Jarrahdale Recreation Centre in Byford, WA accommodates Domination 19 Perth on Saturday May 27. Curovic says “it’s too early to talk the fight card three months ahead of the show”. Nevertheless he advises that “Blair [Smith] and myself might have some breaking news to share shortly”. We will have more on this story as it develops.