Illegal Blow or Stolen KO for Mundine

Mundine vs Green 2: Opinion

In the first round of their highly anticipated encounter in Adelaide, controversy erupted around a clean punch landed by Anthony Mundine on Danny Green’s chin that nearly ended the fight.

This confusion is around whether the referee Frank Garza was calling “Break” on the fighters when Mundine took an angle and landed a blow on Green.

In boxing a referee will call “Break” or “Stop” when directing the fighters to stop punching. Other comments are directions for either fighter and not intended to stop the action.

You will often see ref’s saying “Let go” and even physically touching a fighters arm to instruct them to stop holding and the fighters will continue punching without a break. Boxers are expected to fight and punch their way out of a clinch and it is trained in them.

In the video above it’s pretty clear

  • Danny Green initiated the holding and infrindged by placing Mundine in a headlock.
  • The referee never said “Stop” or “Break” so the fight was still in progress.
  • Frank Garza touching Green is an instruction to Green to let go, not to stop punching. If this was his intention he made a mistake, but it shouldn’t affect the outcome of the fight.
  • If Green was distracted by the referee then he “Should be protecting himself at all times”. But in reality he was asking the ref to call break – which he hadn’t – fight is still on.

In my opinion based on above Mundine should have been given a KO victory over Danny Green.

This punch has been called by many a “Coward’s” or even a “Dog” punch. But in reality it was Green that was placing a boxer in a headlock. Mundine was simply doing his job. The punch was perfectly executed.

In the end Danny Green, who presented himself perfectly before and after the fight as a pure champion, won a points decision. I agree with the result – on the night I scored it 6-4 rounds in favour for Green. Although watching on Sunday I did score a draw based on below.

  • 6 clear 10-9 rounds for Green.
  • 1 close round that I gave to Mundine for changing the momentum of the fight. Could have gone either way.
  • 9th round was 10-8 for Mundine as Green was seriously hurt.
  • Minus 1 point off Green for the elbow.

In any case I think the result is fair apart from the hate being directed at Mundine’s punch.

Also, for the people who think its un-sportsmanlike to punch from next to or behind an opponent here is a little video of one of the greatest amateur boxers of all time doing exactly that – without the referees causing controversy.