World Kickboxing Network president Stephane Cabrera talks Japanese Martial Arts project SEiZA
WKN president Cabrera (l), CEO of SEiZA Yamaguchi (r)

President of the WKN, Stephane Cabrera believes in the rise of a new Japanese Martial Arts project for women.

Stephane Cabrera traveled to Japan in January. He opened the season with two shows held in Tokyo. After the first event “Ganryujima”, while talking to media the WKN head made a comparison of the modern fighting sports and art. The following, women’s fight show “SEiZA” left him similarly impressed.

Although Girl’s Budo sub-titled as an “entertainment” the bouts at “SEiZA” are real. However the organization amended the rules of women’s MMA aiming more safety for the contestants, nevertheless keeping the “full contact” concept. The gloves are indeed small but with more padding. Knees to the head, elbow blows and strikes on the ground are not in use. The wrestling and choke techniques are taken from Jiu-Jitsu and Judo.

The project also includes features of the reality show. Female fighters of different disciplines live and train together ahead of the big day to face off opposition in defense of the colors of their country and team.

“I consider SEiZA as an evolution in the Mixed Martial Arts for women. It is going in the right direction,” says Cabrera. “It is a big responsibility when it comes to promoting the female competition in fighting sports.”

“Mr Yamaguchi and his team have found an ideal set of rules. It includes both, the real action and optimum safety. I feel SEiZA is a perfect concept for women’s fight.”

“In addition, open weight category is a real return to origins. It immediately makes to think about Master Jigoro Kano [founder of Judo]. It proves the idea that someone light and small can move a mountain just with a special and natural technique.”

Stephane Cabrera has been a vice-world president of the notorious IVC [bare knuckle]’

When asked how do these softened rules in “SEiZA” make an evolution he advises that a lot of blood, damage to the face and head make no sense anymore. “We had already touched the bottom of this long time ago,” he says.

“I am a person who loves our sport not only for the actual ‘fighting’ but also for its beauty, history and origins. In Japan you can experience it all together.”

The World Kickboxing Network is a backbone of “SEiZA”. In the debut Team Greece squared off with Team World on January 19 in Tokyo.

“The first event was really special and great success. My coordinator in Greece Stefanos Konstantinidis has discovered exactly what was needed to build a perfect team. Also it was likely their [Team Greece] best experience in life.”

“The audience was full of energy and positive spirit. It was easy to see that spectators were impressed and also fascinated by the show.”

The promotion organizes its next event on May 11 at Korakuen Hall. The WKN president Cabrera looks forward to the upcoming show that he describes in one phrase as “The Art of Women Fight”.

“I see the future for this project. As a Frenchman, the country that represents love and glamour around the world, I believe that SEiZA certainly has that sparkle, as it usually is in the loving world of women. It is though indeed a fighting competition. The delicate, but serious mix of opposition, with no doubt, sooner or later will break the news.”