Yolanda Schmidt participates in the World Muay Thai Angels
Yolanda Schmidt training in Thailand

Muaythai fighter out of Sydney, Yolanda Schmidt takes part in the 16-woman tournament.

South Africa-born living in Australia, “The Springbok” Yolanda Schmidt is currently staying and training in Thailand. She has started the season with a victory early January in Chiang Mai. Her recent bout in Hui Hin went in favor of local Plyfah Sor Nittaya. Nevertheless Australian competitor insists she is still full of fight.

“I feel that I fought really well. A lot that we focused on during the fight prep came through the fight,” Schmidt told fightmag.com.au “I listened to my corner and stuck to my game plan. It was an extremely close fight, neck and neck right the way through. I am back to training to work on improving myself.”

The next for Schmidt is the World Muaythai Angels. Starting in Bangkok with the finale hosted in China, the 57 kg women’s muaythai contest is held in April – June. The press conference next Wednesday will disclose information on all participants.

“I am one of 16 ladies. This weight division is not ideal for me who’s walking around very light. However, as far as I know there are more girls who are also coming up a weight class to partake in this event.”

“They [promoters] are debating which country I am to represent. We have written Australia where I am living. I have also represented and won medals [for Australia] twice at the world championships. They wish to have me represent South Africa due to my passport.”

In addition, Schmidt looks forward to another contest in Thailand before she jets back to Australia on March 12. “We are in talks with a promoter for a potential fight this month. In April I return to Bangkok for Angels”.


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