Girl Power kickboxing results: Mallaury Kalachnikoff wins all tournament
Mallaury Kalachnikoff (r) with her trainer Badri Rouabhia (l) wins Girl Power kickboxing tournament live on SFR Sport 5

French Mallaury Kalachnikoff takes all kickboxing tournament “Girl Power” on Friday February 10.

The 8 women, one-night tournament Girl Power aired live on European television network SFR Sport 5. Famed journalist out of France Jean-Philippe Lustyk was a host the event in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

International kick-boxers competed or the WKN championship belt. The fast-paced featherweight bouts went ahead at 3 x 2 minute rounds. Mallaury Kalachnikoff succeed in three challenges, consequently earning a prestigious strap.

In the first quarterfinal Marina Spasic of Serbia defeated Laura Follereau of France. In the second, Mallaury Kalachnikoff came out victorious against Judit Laura Foldvari of Hungary. The third round matched two fighters out of Belgium where Nathalie Visschers eliminated Ilham Garmal. In conclusion, Bulgarian Iliana Metodieva Gelebova defeated Zorka Stojanovic of Bosnia.

In the first semi-final Kalachnikoff went up against Spasic earning a split decision. Visschers defeated Gelebova in the second.

As a result, Kalachnikoff and Visschers faced off in the championship bout. Referee Steve Smoger raised the hand of the French fighter. Furthermore, the protege of Badri Rouabhia at the AJSR Saint-Raphael was awarded by the president of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera.

In conclusion, Girl Power starts a new series produced by the Bigger’s Better Boxing. The organization famed as a producer of the heavyweight tournaments live on Eurosport in 2010-2013.