Muaythai Life: Saenchai Spars “Mighty Mouse” Jessica Crum

This month Saenchai travels the US with the Yokkao Seminar tour.

Famed fighter who won Lumpinee championship belts in four different weight classes shares his knowledge in numerous cities across the States. On February 4 Saenchai visited San Diego, CA. This is where the “King of Muay Thai” out of Thailand “faced off” Jessica Crum aka “Mighty Mouse”.

Living in San Luis Obispo, Jessica Crum, 22, grew up in Alice Springs, Australia. She was one of the attendees of Saenchai’s seminar. “Mighty Mouse” had the opportunity to share the boxing ring with the man who last year expressed no doubts in his victory over Conor McGregor: “If he and I were to fight, McGregor couldn’t beat me. 100%,” he said among everything.

“At the end of the seminar they announced that seven guys, three girls, and two kids could spar with Saenchai,” Crum told “I was extremely nervous, but knew I’d be upset with myself if I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity. Doubted I’d ever get the chance again. I mean, I was extremely excited to spar with him as well, I just didn’t want to get into the ring and embarrass myself in front of Saenchai.”

Although to date having a single fight behind her belt, Crum says she wants to train Muay Thai for the rest of her life, and fight until she can’t anymore.

“I’ve only fought once so far and won,” she says. “I have many fights coming up this year. I am going to be fighting out of Los Angeles in March and April.”

“I’ve never felt passionate about anything in my life until I started Muay Thai. Then I got to fight and realized I loved that too. I don’t ever want to stop and I also want to continue learning about Thai culture. I feel like it should accompany my training and enriches it.”

Saenchai certainly topped up the bill of Crum’s inspiration by the Art of Eight Limbs. Well-known by his cartwheel kicks, Thai fighter appeared “very funny and seemed extremely nice”.

“During drills he’d take the time to work with you and explain things, and after the seminar he was open to taking pictures and talking with everyone. During his demonstrations or drilling, he’d play jokes or be silly and would make everyone laugh.”

In addition, Jessica Crum shares numerous muaythai training photos and videos on her Instagram. She also reveals the hidden meaning behind the name of “Mighty Mouse”.

“When I first started up at my gym, my name kept slipping my coaches minds. But, since I’m very short and pretty aggressive, they said I reminded them of Mighty Mouse.”

“It was a bit easier to remember than Jess I guess, and then it stuck. Everyone started calling me Mighty Mouse, or Mouse for short.”