Australian Muay Thai fighter Yolanda Schmidt goes up against Saifa sor Suparat of Thailand
Yolanda Schmidt performs Wai Khru Ram Muay / Pic: Jan Pu

Yolanda Schmidt is going up against Saifa sor Suparat on February 27 in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

While Europe is still buzzing with the Girl Power kickboxing tournament, Muay Thai queen out of Australia, Yolanda Schmidt continues her adventure in the world of “The Art of Eight Limbs”. Born in South Africa living in Sydney, “Springbok” Schmidt is currently in Thailand. During the last six weeks she is in Chiang Mai, where she trains and competes representing a local gym.

Yolanda Schmidt (22, 8 KOs – 6 – 1) is a multiple national champion. She is also a two-time bronze medalist at the IFMA World Championships in Thailand and Sweden. In addition she appeared on the pages of such tabloids as The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun.

In summary, while the living legend John Wayne Parr is the “King of Muay Thai” from Land Down Under since 90’s, a protege of Andrew Parnham and Singpayak Chombueng at PTJ muaythai in Gladesville, NSW has been indeed a face of female muaythai out of Australia for quite some time now.

The dust has barely settled on “Springbok” being one of the 16 fighters at the World Muaythai Angels in April, but she already adds to the bill a big fight in two weeks. Although facing a defeat late January against Thai star Plyfah sor Nittaya, Schmidt is not looking for any “easy fights”. Her next opponent on February 27 in Chiang Mai is a two-time world champion. Saifa sor Suparat of Thailand is the WPMF and WBC bantamweight title holder.

“I’m excited to get another fight before the month is over,” says Schmidt. “I look forward to representing my gym and my country once again.”

“She is said to be a very tough opponent, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If the bout goes in my favor it will make the win all the more sweeter.”

Female muaythai fighters will challenge for the Thaphae Boxing Stadium title. The 55 kg bout will go ahead at 5 x 3 minute rounds.

“I know she has fought and won against many of my previous opponents. The fight is for the Stadium belt which she currently holds. Same day weigh in, which is no problem.”

Meanwhile, Yolanda Schmidt is the Menai High School teacher in Illawong, NSW. She returns to Australia on March 12. By that date she gains the experience of over 10 weeks living in the birth place of Muay Thai.

“Feels like I need to learn to live the Thai way, where things change last minute. So take each thing as it comes.”