Javier Fuentes wins WKN title at Hombres de Honor 82 MMA event in Madrid
Javier Fuentes (l) and Simone Bottino (r) after their MMA contest in the Hombres de Honor 82 headline event

Javier Fuentes defeats Simone Bottino in the WKN MMA championship on Saturday February 11 in Madrid.

Fuentes vs Bottino headlined Hombres de Honor 82. MMA event held at Quattro Macro Discotheque produced a knockout show. The fight card comprised a series of professional and amateur contests.

Javier Fuentes (9-3-0) went up against Simone Bottino (5-3-0) in the 77 kg bout. The challenge was for the Spanish national title. The fight ended in the first round. An exchange of solid punches forced it to the ground. No effective chokes have been made although the heavy striking indeed continued on the floor. The referee stopped the contest at 1 minute 35 seconds. As a result Javier Fuentes earned a prestigious WKN strap.

Also on the main card at Hombres de Honor 82 Julio Cesar Girino earned a unanimous decision against Sergio De Jesus. Aridane Romero stopped Alejandro Santos in the second round. Teto Terranosa defeated Anderson Cruz by TKO in Round 1. Dewis Junior took the decision over David Munoz as well as Rumen Ganchev won by points against Adrian Perez.

The World Kickboxing Network launched MMA branch last December. IVC representative known as a pioneer-promoter of the MMA bouts on European soil, strives to assist “the progress of the international recognition for MMA competitors, contributing to their prominence towards their participation in the global MMA promotions”. As advised although the organization has no pretends of a mondial MMA promoter to date, it aims to provide “the talents across the world an opportunity to compete under the largest and renowned banner of the stand-up fighting sports”. In addition it is explained that “the MMA affiliate within the WKN network also advances the promoters of the collaborated Kickboxing and MMA events with the capacity to accommodate the prestigious championship bouts in both styles of combat sports”.