Bigger’s Better Sends Greetings to Australia


Here it is, a glorious team behind the production of the Bigger’s Better Boxing.

Jean-Christophe Courreges, Jean-Philippe Lustyk, Bruno Wartelle, Klaus Hagemann, Steve Smoger and Stephane Cabrera put together the Girl Power kickboxing tournament last Friday in Bulgaria. The show made-in “Bigger’s Better” aired on European network SFR Sport 5. Therewith, “BB” is notable as a producer of three seasons (2010-2013) of boxing heavyweight tournaments live on air by Eurosport. In addition, I am honored to mention my role in the organization as a digital media executive.

Although I didn’t attend the event in Stara Zagora the team spirit has certainly been absolute. A few hours before the Girl Power broadcast, the crew had something to say.

It was a knockout when I received these video messages on Saturday morning

Renowned French TV personality, journalist and producer, Jean-Philippe Lustyk launched the vlog. “In two hours it is going to be the start of the BB Girl Power number 2 live on SFR Sport 5, and of course on FIGHTMAG, our partner for many years. Thank you so much. Everybody is ready in the lobby now to go to the BB 2. Girl Power, Fight!”

“Cheers to FIGHTMAG for tonight, Girl Power number 2. Parviz, we love and we will see you soon in Australia,” said the president of the Bigger’s Better Boxing, Jean-Christophe Courreges. Since 80’s JC has been organizing the events throughout the world. He has been a manager of numerous boxers as well as a promoter of some of the top rated bouts and fighters on European television, including Jerome Le Banner.

“Bigger’s Better coordinator, ready for tonight!” said Bruno Wartelle. A former multiple WBC lightweight international title holder (25-4), comprises a full package of a champion which certainly includes a great sense of humor. “Thanks to Parviz, hello my friend!”

“Hi Parviz, here’s Klaus Hagemann from Germany referring BB,” said the WKN man from Hamburg. “All the best for FIGHTMAG,” added a highly respected European official with 30 years of experience in fighting sports.

“Parviz, hi my friend,” said Steve Smoger himself. “Fight night in Bulgaria! BB, WKN number one,” concluded the message the International Boxing Hall of Fame referee class of 2015.

Thumbs up to the King, the president of the World Kickboxing Network, Stephane Cabrera who was behind the camera of this knockout footage.

Thank you very much everyone for your nice words, taking your time ahead of the big show and recording these videos

In addition, here is the Bigger’s Better People introduction I’ve released a week prior the Girl Power show. Lastly, female kickboxing tournament is replayed on SFR Sport 5 this Wednesday and Friday.