Nathan Corbett: Yoga is my martial arts style of training now
Nathan Corbett practicing Yoga

In 2011 I started Yoga with a great friend of mine at his private studio in Miami, QLD.

I was looking for more flexibility to help with my kicks and general all over range in the body. So the only reason I’ve started Yoga was for a physical result only twice a week. I continued to do this for a few years, sometimes missing few weeks. On and off, but mostly have made it a priority in my life to keep up my practice.

Once I had finished fighting it was something that I kept in my routine outside of weight training which I still do and love. I have since changed the way I look at Yoga. I have a deeper connection with it now.

Yoga is so much more than stretching or strengthening the body. It is a way of life. Yoga is the softness that balances all the hard that I do to my body. It is the time that I give to myself, to give my body and mind balance.

The martial artists of the past would always talk about Yin and Yang

Living as “Carnage” the past 15 years, it has been all hard. The Chinese arts talk about Chi, a powerful energy the body develops through breathe and constant practice. But not external power, all coming from internal.

I don’t study traditional martial arts anymore. Yoga is my martial arts style of training now, balancing all my fight related “Carnage” style of fighting that I teach daily.

The other thing that I love about Yoga is the meditation component. Bringing your awareness to the present moment, letting go of all stress all thoughts and becoming present with the breathe.

Guided meditation is another great component that Yoga can bring to your life. Helping you focus on the voice, allowing you to get the mind to shut off from its constant self talk.

In my classes I like to add all these components together. Hard, soft and mind… Fighting, stretching and meditation.

There is nothing weird about it. It’s just what martial arts used to be. It has been lost in today’s fast “want everything now” time.

Train hard if you fight, destroy your opponent. But don’t forget balance your energy with something like Yoga, meditation or whatever it is that gives you joy. Namaste.