Muay Thai Star Saenchai Appears on CNN Money

CNN Money is a financial news and information website of the Cable News Network (CNN).

A recent video episode of the CNN Money is dedicated to the muaythai and boxing equipment. The brand of Yokkao is in the center of attention. In order to compete with numerous companies on the market, including Twins and Fairtex, it is said that Yokkao has contracted the numerous famed fighters. It is also advised that the company has been using an aggressive strategy in social media. Indeed, a four weight class champion of Lumpinee, Saenchai is an world-renown representative of the brand.

In the video Saechai greets the audience with a traditional Thai bow. He is then seen hitting pads, throwing kicks, knees, punches and elbows. The King of Muay Thai, who has just traveled North America with a seminar tour, speaks behind the screen, digging deep in the traditions of the “Art of Eight Limbs”.

“When we arrive at the ring we will think about our teacher, who taught us Muay Thai,” he says. “We will think about our teachers, our parents, and we take that with us. It boosts our strength and our morale, so that we can have a courageous spirit and be ready to fight.”

Saenchai, who’s record counts over 300 wins, says that every Muay Thai technique is “very good”. “I am small but I can kick here,” he says pointing out the face. “Big guy, I can do this [head kick]. I win by KO.”

In addition, in December 2016 Muay Thai has received a provisional recognition from the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The sport is on the seven-year way to becoming part of the Olympic Games.