Kickboxing champion Billy Murray changes lives at ProKick Belfast
Kickboxing team ProKick appears on BBC One - True North, Series 8, Kick Me

Famed kickboxing squad out of Northern Ireland, ProKick appears in series 8, Kick Me.

ProKick is a kickboxing academy in east Belfast. For over two decades its athletes represent the country internationally, partaking in numerous WKN events throughout the Globe. A former four-time world champion Billy Murray is in charge of the “Home of Champions”. However, the place is more than just a gym.

Run-down and made out of corrugated iron, is the place where Murray has been changing lives for 30 years. As a result the story of “Billy The Great” again hits the screen. Directed by Bafta winner and Oscar nominee Michael Lennox, “Kick Me” features on the “True North” series.

“We offer escape for people here. We offer time away to get lost in their own thoughts,” Murray outlines kickboxing philosophy.

Indeed, there is a list of names “made-in ProKick”. A series of recognized title holders, including world-renown Gary “Belfast Boy” Hamilton. Among everyone, today’s generation comprises “Karate Queen” Cathy McAleer and Johnny “Swift” Smith. In addition a number of legionnaires are currently in Australia, where Barrie Oliver and Darren McMullan have found a new shore.

Hands down, Billy Murray is not just a former fighter who became a coach. The World Kickboxing Network director in the UK, is a also co-inventor of “The Peace Fighters”. The initiative is recognized by the United Nations. Therewith, for over two decades the head of ProKick is also a promoter of dozens international fight shows. He has held his latest gala “The Usual Suspects” earlier this month in Newtownards.

In summary, viewers will have a rare glimpse behind the scenes of one of Ireland’s most successful kickboxing gyms. The ProKick Gym in Belfast. “Kick Me”, episode 8 of True North series, airs on Monday February 20 at 10:40 PM (local time) on BBC One, Northern Ireland.