Muay Thai Life: Buakaw Shares Wai Khru Photo Set

The King of Muay Thai Buakaw Banchamek shares a set of photos dedicated to Wai Khru Ram Muay.

Buakaw Banchamek is the man who needs no introduction. Famed fighter is a real ambassador of the “Art of Eight Limbs”. He is a two-time K-1 World Max champion, winner of numerous tournaments, world titles and Stadium belts.


The star out of Thailand has also become a real character on the screen. He appears in ad campaigns as well as in several films.

In addition, Buakaw shares numerous photos and videos with over 3 million fans on his page on Facebook. He is seen training, of course at the Banchamek gym. Pad work, clinch and drills on the bag, it is all there.

Eminent fighter also publishes the posters of the events that he takes part in. Snaps of daily life and themed photo shoots also feature on the feed. Moreover The King of Muay Thai recently appeared shoulder to shoulder with Jackie Chan.

Today Buakaw posted a set of photos dedicated to Wai Khru Ram Muay. The meaning of “Wai” is greeting. “Khru” means master. The translation of “Ram” is dancing and “Muay” means boxing.

The ritual performed by the fighters right before the contest. It is a tradition dedicated to show the respect to their trainer, gym and those beloved. It is also a final moment before the battle when a fighter is one on one with his thoughts and spirit.

The latest bout of Buakaw (229, 68 KO’s, – 23 – 12) was on January 1. He defeated Tian Xyn at Kunlun Fight 56 in Sanya, China.


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