Billy Murray and kickboxing team Pro Kick appear on BBC Northern Ireland
Billy Murray and kickboxing team ProKick appear on BBC One - True North, series 8, Kick Me

Billy Murray is a former kickboxing world champion out of Northern Ireland.

In the 80’s Billy Murray conquered the world of kickboxing in four different weight classes. Ever since he is a coach at ProKick in east Belfast, the gym known as a “Home of Champions”. The place that offers “escape for people” and “time away to get lost in their own thoughts”.

The ProKick team appears in True-North on BBC One on Monday February 20. The Series 8 “Kick Me”, directed by Oscar-nominee and BAFTA winning director Michael Lennox, airs at 10:40 PM (local time). On Friday, the network released a preview posted on Facebook.

“25 years later as a fighter then turning into a trainer, I miss not getting into the ring. But it’s not about me,” says Murray behind the screen. “It’s about me pushing them.”

“You have to be selfish, it’s all about you. It’s all about you and that’s what I try to push.”

“It’s all about my fighters.”

The list of fighters “made-in ProKick” comprises the numerous world champions, including famed Gary “Belfast Boy” Hamilton. The current leaders are Johnny Smith, Cathy McAleer, Samantha Robb, Jake McCready and Michael Swann.

The ProKick fighters compete abroad partaking in various WKN events throughout the world. Murray is also a promoter in Northern Ireland. He hosts the shows throughout the country where his protegees compete in front of the home crowd facing off international opponents.

In addition, Billy Murray is the World Kickboxing Network director in the United Kingdom. He is as well a co-founder of “The Peace Fighters” initiative, recognized by the United Nations.