Nathan Corbett: Spong Was Probably The Hardest


Nathan “Carnage” Corbet confirms retirement on episode 111 of The FightBox Podcast.

Nathan Corbett (59, 44 KOs – 5 – 1) is an eleven-time Muay Thai world champion. He is one of the most successful Australian fighters of all time. Known for his deadly elbows, “Carnage” has an incredible knockout ratio of nearly 75%. Over his 20 year career he has fought all over the world for some of the most prestigious organizations. Although his last fight was in April 2014 at GLORY 15, until now the Aussie KO artist refused to officially announce his retirement from fighting.

During the interview, which can be heard in full on episode 111 of The FightBox Podcast, Corbett confirms that he does indeed plan on calling it a career. It seems that even though he may not be happy with how things ended for him, losing two of his last three fights, he is satisfied with his overall accomplishments.

“I don’t want to be fighting if I can’t fight against the best.”

Corbett’s career is undoubtedly tied to that of Tyrone Spong. The two fought for the first time in Jamaica in the summer of 2009. “Carnage” knocked Spong out cold in the third round. Spong, to his credit, did manage to get to his feet. But the referee stopped the fight after the spaghetti-legged “King of the Ring” staggered a few times. When the referee gave the signal to stop the fight, Carnage misinterpreted it as a restarting of the fight and began to pummel Spong further. Their rematch came four years later at Glory 11 with Spong knocking Corbett out in the second. In this episode “Carnage” goes into detail about these fights and how he feels about them now.

“Spong was probably the hardest fight because it was physically the hardest battle. It was also very mentally challenging,” he says.

Nowadays Nathan Corbett has been building quite a brand with his “Carnage Seminars”. It has taken him on several international tours at such places as the famous “Mike’s Gym” in Holland. He also goes on to share his thoughts on the current state of Glory Kickboxing, talk about what plans he has for 2017 and give his opinion on why Muay Thai has not been able to duplicate the popularity of Kickboxing.

In addition, Corbett is also a fellow columnist for FIGHTMAG. Follow his blog on this website for all of the latest news.

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