ProKick Legend Billy Murray Sends Message of Thanks

World kickboxing champion Billy Murray thanks fans
Billy Murray: Fighting for the championship of the world... and it was time to go to war / Pic: BBC

Former four-time kickboxing world champion Billy Murray appeared on BBC One on Monday.

True North, series 8 Kick Me was dedicated to a prominent kickboxing team out Belfast, Northern Ireland, “ProKick”. Founder and head coach Billy Murray starred together with his top five fighters. Samantha Robb, Johnny Smith, Ursula Agnew, Cathy McAleer and Darren McMullan appeared in the project by the Oscar-nominee and BAFTA-winning director, Michael Lennox. For viewers in the UK the show is now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

Post-show Murray shared his emotions with public. He posted a message of thanks on the ProKick gym website saying he was overwhelmed with the love and support.

“Fighting for the championship of the world… and it was time to go to war”

“The program has just scratched the surface of what we try to do here at ProKick from all who have ever fought from here, our past and other current champions. Inspiring our kids on a path of fitness, healthy eating and of course discipline for their lives ahead – to helping adults from all walks of life deal with their own issues, each with their own story to tell.”

“I feel totally blessed with the incredible life I have lived through my chosen sport, Kickboxing which I love. I could never have achieved this without the love and support from my partner Adele and all of my family. Thanks to everyone involved in the making of the program. Can’t wait for part II. Yours at ProKick.”

In addition, Murray is the World Kickboxing Network (WKN) director in UK and co-founder of the Peace Fighters initiative. For over two decades he is also a world-level kickboxing promoter who hosts the shows throughout the country.