Manny Pacquiao faces off Amir Khan in his next fight
Manny Pacquiao announces his next fight against Amir Khan / Pic: Facebook

Filipino great boxer Manny Pacquiao announces his next fight against British Amir Khan.

“My team and I are in negotiations with Amir Khan for our next fight. Further announcement coming soon,” Pacquiao posted on Twitter.

Earlier January Brisbane’s boxer Jeff Horn was reportedly confirmed as next man to take on Pacquiao on April 23. The venue remain unknown with numerous media reporting Suncorp Stadium to be the one.

However “Pacman” went on Twitter several times advising fans with his next bout in UAE. He has also posted the poll comprising then names of four potential challengers. The fans voted for Amir Khan.

Moreover earlier this month Gulf News reported that Pacquiao’s adviser Mike Koncz said they “have executed the agreement and 100 per cent the fight will be here in the UAE”. Nevertheless Top Rank promoter Bob Arum outlined the prospect of a fight as “total and complete bulls***”.

Following Pacquiao’s tweet it all came to some sort of conclusion

On Wednesday Arum told ESPN that “the Australian deal is not going to happen now, because Manny is trying to get a fight done in the United Arab Emirates and the people there favor him fighting Amir Khan”.

He is however uncertain whether it will happen or not. Neither rumored date of May 20 seems to be true. “I just don’t know, because they have to come up with a large amount of money,” said Arum.

“Manny seems to believe they will come up with the money. I have some reservations whether it will happen or not. If the money comes up, I will aid and abet the fight happening. But right now, I’m holding my powder. I don’t really know.”

“May 20 is a non-starter. The senate in the Philippines [in which Pacquiao serves] is in session then. Maybe in April or maybe June, but not May.”

Pakistani descent England’s Amir Khan (31, 19 KOs – 4) is a world-renown name. He is a former junior welterweight champion as well as a former sparring partner of Pacquiao.