Muay Thai Life: Prison Fighters – 5 Rounds to Freedom

SHOWTIME hit the screen on Friday in the US with the Prison Fighters: Five Rounds to Freedom (2017).

The TV movie Prison Fighters: Five Rounds to Freedom is a documentary from the inside of the infamous Khao Prik prison, located three hours outside of Bangkok. The writer is Mark Kriegel and the director is Micah Brown.

The practice in Thailand’s criminal justice system allows convicts to have the chance for a release as well as a possible redemption through the Prison Fight program. In order to succeed, the inmates turn muaythai fighters. They fight and must win the bouts against competitive athletes. If they lose, they return behind the bars, while their opponent goes home with the prize money.

We can’t live without hope

The story is about one of four thousand inmates Khao Prik prison. Drunk and angry Noy Khaopan stabbed in the head and killed an innocent man, Anirut Vanichyaron. As a result he received an eleven-year sentence.

“Some inmates have died from being beaten,” says Khaopan in the movie trailer. “You have to know how to live here [in prison]. I will be so happy to hug and kiss Don [his son].”

Five years into his sentence Khaopan entered the program and faced off a farang [foreigner] Cody Moberly. The latter is an American who moved to Thailand from Kansas pursuing a muaythai career.

“He took a knife and stabbed Anirut in the head. There should be no privilege above the law,” says the family member of the victim.

The pair squared off at, what appears to be, Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok. Khaopan was pronounced as the winner.

“I have always been a Muay Thai fighter,” says Khaopan. “I started when I was 8 years old.”

Following the premiere this past Friday, The SHOWTIME schedule includes a numerous replays of the Prison Fighters: 5 Rounds to Freedom (2017) TV movie. It is also available on demand.