Australian Toby Smith Living Muay Thai Life

West Australian muaythai fighter Toby Smith publishes a video that shows him training at the age of 12.

Perth athlete Toby Smith, 23, is a well-known name in the muaythai circuits. He is a multiple world champion as well as a respected farang [foreigner] on Thai soil. One his most thrilling bouts was against John Wayne Parr in 2014 at the Powerplay Promotions in Melbourne. “The Weapon” was last seen in action in May 2016. He fought Johane Beausejour in his home town at Nemesis 11. Although not currently competing inside the boxing ring, Smith spends countless hours in the gym where he helps building a new generation of Australian stars.

Smith has had his first fight at the age of 7. He has been training under the patronage of his father Blair at the Thai Boxing Pit gym which is also known as Synergy Martial Arts. Moreover, from the young age he has also learned “The Art of Eight Limbs” on its birthplace.

The footage Smith shared on his Facebook page on Sunday belongs to the second season of the “Warriors of The Mongkon” series. It shows him training at the Narkorntong Gym [Sangmorakot]. The place is an authentic Thai boxing camp in Bangkok.

The clip displays Smith kicking and punching pads while his father is the one who is coaching. Young “Weapon” is then also clinching with the Thai fighter of approximately the same age.

Over the years Toby Smith faced off such fighters as Mike Semetriou, Reece McAllister, Samsamut Kiatchongkao, Thongchai and Kem Sitsongpeenong, Superbon Banchamek, among others. He is a highly anticipated to enter the ring again.


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